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No home is complete without a fully functioning eavestrough system. An eavestrough is a system of channels located around the roof line of your house. It's job is to collect rain and melting snow and disperse it through a downspout away from the building. The majority of modern homes in Toronto and the GTA are fitted with gutters. Yours is most likely one of them too. But as your gutters start to age and wear out, you will eventually need to replace them. There is a lot to consider: Types, styles, sizes, and even colours. Before you go out shopping for a new eavestrough, let us go over some basics:
What Exactly Does an Eavestrough Do?
The more you understand how gutters work, the more you'll know what kind is best for your home. In layman's terms, the main function of a gutter is to protect the foundations of your home by channelling precipitation water away from its base. When rain or snow falls onto the roof of a house, it trickles down the shingles and off the edge. A gutter is there to capture this water and flow it towards a downspout (also called a downpipe). The water pours into the downspout and is either directed away from the house using a splash block (to avoid causing structural damage to the walls) or collected in a rain water barrel. Some people may choose to collect this water for later use for things such as washing a car or watering the plants around the house.
What Different Types of Materials Are Eavestrough Made From and Which One is the Best?
Gutters come in a variety of materials. Determining which one is best is a subjective matter and ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. These materials include aluminum, steel, concrete, copper, lead, vinyl, and zinc among others. Each of them has its own unique benefits and shortcomings. Let us take a closer look at copper.
Copper is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for homeowners and builders with respect to eavestrough. The reasons for this are many. For starters, copper has unparalleled durability. Simply put, it does not rust. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for houses in areas with high humidity and moisture levels.
Copper eavestrough are favourites among builders because they are easy to install due to the metal's high malleability. They are also weather resistant, something that we should certainly be looking for in a gutter system given Canada's unforgiving climate. Beyond the functional benefits offered by copper, it is also aesthetically appealing. It has a charming, vintage, golden-reddish hue which over time starts to develop a magnificent greenish-blue patina as it oxidizes with air (much like the colour we see on the Statue of Liberty). Using copper gutters is a great way to accent your home's exterior and give it that warm, inviting, antique look and feel. Not only will it set your home apart from the rest of the neighbourhood houses, but it will also undoubtedly increase its resale value.
Now That You're Ready to Go Shopping for a New Eavestrough, Talk to Us!
CopperWorks Canada invites you to check their large selection of copper eavestrough. With many profiles, designs, and sizes to choose from, you won't have any trouble finding a system that works well with your home. Let our experienced personnel educate you on copper gutter systems and help you select the one that fits your needs. They'll also deliver and install it for you. Not only can you trust them to do the job right, but also with minimum disruption to your life. Contact us today!
If you are interested in installing a new copper eavestrough for your home, please visit us at our main site or call us at 905-831-6434.

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